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testimonial logoTina HyrizeCEO & Designer Our site was never anywhere in the Google search results, not even in the top 200! Although we were a relatively well-known local web design company, you just couldn’t find us in the search engines. What’s worse was that websites that had nothing to do with web design were out-ranking us! After using Digitized Marketing services, we are now ranked in the top ten for many of our keywords. This is all thanks to the hard work that the people at DM did, as we did absolutely no SEO prior to working with DM. It really has impressed me and my co-workers. Thanks so much DM!

testimonial logoOscar XieCEO & Manager Digitized Marketing is a revolutionizing solution. They simply sat down with me, asked me what I wanted, then took that back to their offices and started to make it come true. It was really that simple, nothing else was required from my part. They began sending me frequent and regular reports, telling me how much my site was improving. It went from the 100th, to the 50th, to 30th…etc. So many of my keywords was boosted to the first page on many of the Search Engines! My website really depends on traffic coming from Search Engines, and Digitized Marketing really pushes the traffic by numbers that simply can’t be ignored. I’m experiencing a dramatic increase in customers and sales in my shop, and that’s certainly keeping the Mrs. happy.

testimonial logoSam LindelyCEO DM’s impeccable services do exactly what they say they would. They dramatically improve your position on major search engines and make it stay that way. Most importantly, they understand the need for the site to immediately convert visitors as soon as they come! Best thing is, they do it all with great efficiency and are happy to take the time to explain the reasons for doing certain things in a simplistic way. I would recommend DM to anyone who is serious about redefining their web presence and the profitability of their web business. With DM, you have nothing to lose and absolutely no regrets!

testimonial logoMichael AndrewCo-Founder & CEO Recently in July 2011, we became a client of DM. At the time, we were poorly ranked and getting very little leads. It’s only been a couple of months and we are already very happy with the results of their SEO! We now have high rankings on Google, Yahoo and bing, increased traffic and revenues. Surprisingly, the rankings were obtained much quicker than even the company anticipated. DM worked well with our own web designer and took the time to always let us know what was being done, why it was being done and when we could expect results. Through frequent communication, DM took much of the mystery and confusion out of SEO for us. Our experience with Digitized Marketing has been wonderful and we highly recommend them to anyone out there with poorly or not-yet ranked sites. DM will surely boost your sales!