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Digitized Marketing’s team is made of highly qualified professionals, specialists, and experts.


CEO photoDr. Omer HameedFounder CEO It’s really been an adventure and a huge struggle for me and my team to reach where we are today. We began as a small 2-man partnership just over 4 years ago and now we’ve become one of the top SEO marketers locally in Beijing and in the Asia-pacific. I specialize in the SEO marketing business and as of today, we have handled hundreds of clients, from big firms.. to small shops on the street. It’s been really inspiring working with all our clients, most of which are from Beijing or Shanghai, while others are from overseas. Without them, we couldn’t be here today. Our clients are our teachers and always keeps us on our toes! As our business grows and expands everyday, we have already started putting our roots in Beijing to start a company, and set up an office in the heart of Asia within 3 months. We want to give our clients more security and assurance that we will always be a genuine business, and deliver the most quality products. Right now we have just over 10 staff, and each day we complete dozens of orders and tons of other specialized work for all our clients. It’s not all about the speed, it’s also about quality and how long our SEO work can last….. Months…years… even decades! My job is to make sure my staff know exactly what they must do to deliver the best results, and also give the best satisfaction to all my clients!

Co-Founder, Project ManagerDr- Abdur Rehman ShahidCo-Founder, Project Manager (EU and Chinese Clients Project Management) Dr- Abdur Rehman Shahid start Digitized Marketing, LLC with us in 2008 as a co-founder and marketing expert. Since he started, he has shown impressive performance and displays excellent leadership skills. He dedicates himself to his work and we often see him working overtime night after night to perfect his projects. He has shown impeccable social skills and interacts well with all the employees working under him. With a strong foundation in SEO and social media marketing, he is proving to be an invaluable asset to our company. Not only does he need to oversee his SEO team as a Project Manager, he also specialises in many other areas like keyword research, and backlinking. No matter what challenges he may face, he has always overcome the obstacles within a surprisingly short period of time. His job is to make sure all the oversears staff know exactly what they must do to deliver the best results, and also give the best satisfaction to all the European and Chinese clients!