On-site / Off-site


Effective on-site optimization makes your company’s website attractive to both search engines and to the actual human customers that you hope to reach.  Coding elements (such as URLs, title tags, description tags, keyword tags, image tags, and internal linking) will make your website “optimized” for search engines to read and understand, while usability and quality content will make your website “optimized” for your customers to read and understand.  If your company’s website lacks optimization for either of these groups, your visibility and conversion rate will suffer.

Off-site development can make your company’s website relevant and credible in a way that is very difficult to artificially create.  It is a sophisticated, subtle, complex field of SEO that is closely monitored by search engines because it informs the Internet community about the actual value of your website.  Additionally, failure to adhere to the search engine’s “unknown” guidelines regarding off-site development will negatively affect your website’s ranking.

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