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Digitized Marketing offers a variety of services to fulfill the requirements of any company’s marketing campaign.


SEO Services

In today’s online world, having a website just isn’t enough, even if it is relevant, aesthetically pleasing, and offers amazing goods or services. According to NielsdenNetRatings, about 73% of Internet consumers locate websites not by typing in a specific web address, but by entering keywords into their favorite search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It used to be true that your company’s web address (how creative, accurate, and memorable it is) would be the biggest factor determining online success. With the increased use and importance of search engines, the biggest factor determining online success is how these search engines rank your business’s website. Is your business’s website on the first page of your customer’s Google search? If not, they probably aren’t seeing your products and services. They’re accessing your competitor’s site, buying their products and using their services.

By using Digitized Marketing’s SEO services, your company’s website will be more relevant online, receive a higher ranking on major search engines, and experience an increase of Internet traffic, translating to increased sales. After years of research and analysis, Digitized Marketing has reverse engineered search engine algorithms that determine rankings. Using our mathematical approach to SEO, we develop our client’s websites in a way that makes them the most appealing to these search engines.

The SEO services we offer reflect the many types of marketing and advertising that businesses of all sizes use to stay competitive in today’s online market. Use Digitized Marketing to build your online presence, lead customers to your website, target customers locally or nationwide, and increase your appeal with an approachable and attractive website. Click or call for a quote on any of the following SEO services offered by Digitized Marketing.

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